Website Maintenance Service

Website Maintenance Services

50 percent of people discover a new business, product or service with each online search. They come to your website, discover your goods, search your services, and get your company’s first experience. That first experience can make or break the next sale of your business. PValue Solutions as your partner provides your business with a personalized and comprehensive maintenance plan for the website that helps your business deliver a quick, safe and seamless online experience. Plus, we provide turnkey strategies for optimising the success of your platform as a full-service digital marketing company.

Your Advantages

Benefits of website maintenance Services


Security is the biggest reason for keeping website maintenance on your agenda, particularly if some sort of customer information is stored on your website. You must check if you are downloading the latest software & security patches if you are using a website building platform like WordPress or Wix. For hackers, identifying and targeting websites that have been inactive for too long can be simple and easy.


Getting clients, buyers, or an audience is the whole point of starting a business. You'll need to keep it periodically updated to push traffic to your website. On the search results page, Google will rank the websites that have the most relevant and latest data. If it isn't modified on a regular basis and they think that it has been compromised by a virus, then they can also de-index your website fully. Website maintenance on a regular basis is essential for SEO strategy.

Being updated with the latest trends in design and technology

The better your website, the more interested customers will be persuaded that you are their best option. You will also have the chance to be one of the few people who have the latest website technologies that will make the back-end run more efficiently. If you frequently install software updates, you will be able to take advantage of the new features that are installed along with the updates.

Your Company's Image

Creating a website that looks well-designed and professional is becoming increasingly easy. There are requirements from professional companies for a professional website. Your clients will go somewhere else if your website doesn't live up to the promise of professionalism.

Website maintenance services

Procedures are done on a weekly basis

  • We examine whether your pages are loading without any errors. 
  • We make sure that a copy of your data is stored as a backup.
  • Examine for broken links
  • Remove spam content from your website
  • Regular update for your softwares and plugin.
  • We make sure no error 404 happens.

Website maintenance services

Procedures done on a monthly basis

  • Optimize the speed of the site
  • Perform security scans
  • Examine your website analytics

Website maintenance services

Procedures done quarterly

  • Check if your website can be updated to the latest standards
  • Make sure the SEO is updated to the latest standards
  • Test the website for any errors
  • Check if the website is optimized on all devices
  • Check back up health

Website maintenance services

Procedures done yearly

  • Check the content
  • Update the website design to the next years standards
  • Remove unnecessary plugins and bugs
  • Remove unnecessary extra information


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