Hosting & Security

Hosting & Security

An environment riddled with threats and security leaks of data makes a big point. The ability to protect your site helps you gain your clients’ faith and achieve better SEO rankings.  Every single business transaction is secured by SSL integration. Higher SEO rankings, a positive model and an affordable price gives you a lifetime of protection. By offering two core features which are encryption and authentication, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) improves the security of a web site. You’re going to need web hosting if you want to get a website online. There’s no way for your clients to directly access your website without a web host. Web hosting is, basically, a service provided by hosting companies. They host the files on your website so that they are available on the internet. PValue provides shared, dedicated, VPS, wordpress and cloud hosting for our clients.


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Benefits of Hosting & Security

Site efficiency improved

Your site's success factors a lot when it comes to progressing online. Once a client enters your site , before they leave your site, you only get a few seconds to catch the attention of your client before they never return again. If it takes forever for your site to load, then your visitors won't stick around. With a good host, you won't have a problem with loading speeds. eNow, you may have a really efficient host and your site could be poorly configured, but perhaps you will notice that your site loads remarkably fast once you address the sluggish loading time of your website.

Email addresses which are related to your domain

You will need a branded email address that uses your domain name if you want to look professional. If you reach out to clients and customers by email, the last thing you want is to use your standard Gmail or hotmail address. You will have the option to generate your own domain-specific email address when you use a good host service provider. Some hosts restrict you to one, while others allow you to build an unlimited number of email addresses unique to the domain.

SSL provides security for your website

Protecting server-client communication is the main characteristic of an SSL certificate. Every bit of information is encrypted upon enabling SSL. The data is locked in Layman's terms and can only be opened by the intended recipient (browser or server) since no one else can open it with the key. SSL lets you defend against the devious group of hackers and skimmers when dealing with confidential data such as IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

For PCI/DSS Requirements SSL is necessary

You should know a thing or two about PCI/DSS specifications if you accept online payments. The website you use must be PCI compliant in order to accept online payments. One of the 12 main standards set by the payment card industry is getting an SSL certificate added.

Types Of hosting provided by Pvalue

Shared Hosting

Our staff will do a detailed analysis on your website to understand what are the flaws and what improvements can be done to make your website better. Once that is done, we will remove the parts of your website which is causing your website to rank lower and also make improvements on the website. This of course will be done only after consulting with you.

PValue-Solutions-Dedicated Hosting

Types Of hosting provided by Pvalue

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are known to be the best. You will get a dedicated server for yourself. This is the most costly form of web hosting, but there are added benefits to it. You should expect exceptionally high uptime rates and the best loading speeds if you get a dedicated server. You won’t have to worry about your quality being impacted by traffic from other websites.

Types Of hosting provided by Pvalue

VPS Hosting

VPS full form is  Virtual Private Server. This style of hosting is a more advanced type of web hosting. It’s normal for owners to switch to a VPS when a website exceeds their shared plan. Your website can also share a single server with other websites via a virtual private server. The number of websites with which you can share it is considerably smaller.The main serve is split into several virtual servers. Individual websites can configure these virtual servers.


Types Of hosting provided by Pvalue

WordPress Hosting

Lastly, internal and external links will be used in your website so that there are a lot of links between your content and other websites and individuals. We make sure that the links used will be of high quality and genuine.

Types Of hosting provided by Pvalue

Cloud Hosting

More than one remote servers come with cloud hosting plans. Every server has various responsibilities. The other servers on the network will take up those roles and make up the difference if one of the servers is affected or has a problem. With cloud storage the website will have higher uptime rates and won’t have as much unforeseen downtime.Your site will remain dynamic and at a high level of efficiency.


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